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The International Trade Profession is headed by Crawford Falconer, the UK's first Chief Trade Negotiation Adviser. We are developing trade capability across government that is technically expert, to ensure that we can negotiate and deliver the best deals for the UK.

So why work in trade, and why is our profession exciting? We encourage you watch our short videos below, introducing what we do, and hear from trade professionals who have worked across the world. Our profession is building a strong network, and is committed to providing world-class professional development from foundation to expert level.

Trade Profession Team Members in Taiwan
Three Team Members from the Trade Profession in Southside Singapore

Our profession will assist in raising the skills of those working, and aspiring to work, in international trade, by:

  • setting out the roles and career opportunities across a range of exciting roles
  • providing tools, such as professional standards and career pathways to support staff in developing careers in trade
  • providing access to world-class, innovative learning and development
  • building a strong network of trade professionals working on trade policy

Professional Excellence

Learning and development is central to our vision, which is to attract, build and retain a world-class team of trade specialists. We have developed a tailored curriculum to help our trade specialists develop the wide range of skills and knowledge needed to support a broad trade agenda.

Our curriculum has been developed by the Trade and Negotiations Faculty with learning and expertise from across the UK Government and overseas. This brings together foundation, practitioner, and expert learning and development opportunities. Whether you are new to your role in trade or a more experienced professional, we believe that you will get a quality learning experience.

This professional development offer will equip you with high levels of business acumen to support UK trade policy, exports, and investment. No two days in Trade will ever be the same - this is an area in which you never stop learning.

A Portrait of Crawford Falconer Trade Profession

International Trade is the backbone of the modern economic world and for the first time in over forty years the UK will have an independent trade policy. I don't think there has ever been a more exciting time to work in Trade.

Crawford FalconerChief Negotiation Adviser and Second Permanent Secretary, Department for International Trade

Build your career in trade

With a variety of cross-government roles in the UK and overseas, and a world-class learning and development offer, this is an exciting time to join the International Trade Profession.

We provide professional standards that help you to assess your understanding and identify development opportunities. Our network and community connects you to the right people across the UK Government and overseas. Interested in joining our profession? Email the International Trade Profession Team at:

Working across the globe in:

  • trade negotiation
  • trade promotion
  • trade policy development
  • global export growth
  • trade analysis
  • country and sector specialisms
Trade Profession Graphic

What is International Trade?

Learn more about our work with this short animation.

International Trade Professional

Why work in International Trade?

Hear from trade professionals with global experience.

A Portrait of Crawford Falconer

Welcome to the International Trade Profession

Hear from the UK's Chief Trade Negotiation Adviser